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Listen again: What federal reforestation plans mean for Washington state

forest trees northwest oregon
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The Biden administration recently announced plans to plant more than one billion trees across the western United States to restore forests damaged by climate change.

Washington state is already facing a tree-seed shortage, and our state's forest nursery is racing to ramp up production.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is asking the Forest Service to quadruple the number of acres reforested each year. There's currently a national backlog of 4.1 million acres across the United States, caused by increasingly destructive wildfires and die-offs driven by fungi and insect damage.

Earlier this year, Soundside went to the Washington state forest nursery to see how the reforestation process works up close. We're revisiting that story today to hear how our corner of the country is looking to meet the growing seed demand.

You can hear and read the full story here.

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