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Music and design highlight Seattle's weekend arts calendar

caption: Pier Sounds 2021
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Pier Sounds 2021
Courtesy of Waterfront Park and Tosin Arasi

We reach out for recommendations on arts and culture events around Seattle every week. Today, Paige Browning talked with KUOW's new arts and culture reporter Mike Davis.

Pier Sounds at Waterfront Park

They’re having a free concert this Saturday featuring the Black Constellation Collective. Porter Ray is definitely one of my favorite local rappers. If you hear his laid-back delivery, it is almost like just hearing rainfall on your window. It’s so smooth. And JusMoni, she's so soulful. And Stas THEE Boss, who makes her own beats, if you want to talk about flavor, that's flavor for you right there. I'm very excited for this show. And as a special treat, Larry Mizell Jr. is going to DJ.

caption: A sample of Seattle Design Pavilion finalists
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A sample of Seattle Design Pavilion finalists
Courtesy of Seattle Design Festival

Seattle Design Festival in Lake Union Park

This starts with a block party Saturday and Sunday, but the event goes all next week. The theme is connection. They’re talking about how to connect different people. One of the installations I'm super excited to see is called Bridge the Gap. It comes from the Youth Advisory Board at Coyote Central. They went to Seattle schools and community centers to ask the youth to create art that talks about how the pandemic impacted them, and to remind youth in other parts of the city that the community is still very connected. I'm excited to see what those kids made.

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