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New to Seattle? Our readers suggest you listen to this

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I asked readers of KUOW's Today So Far newsletter what music they would recommend to the incoming director of the Seattle Department of Transportation, Greg Spotts.

But really, what music would you recommend any newcomer to Seattle? What are the region's sounds?

While Spotts' current career has been in city government, in a previous life (a 1990s life), he had a boutique talent management job working with music artists of the day. So when he came to Seattle, he filled his office with "Seattle vibes" by playing Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, etc. In an SDOT blog post, Spotts said he knew there was more to Seattle music.

So I asked readers to make some recommendations. The parameters were more "Northwest" than simply Seattle. From funk to punk, indie rock to folk, hip hop and Star Wars albums, there is a lot of Northwest music to cover.

I started things off by suggesting: Murder City Devils; Beverly Crusher; Sunny Day Real Estate; The Black Tones; and The Hoot Hoots (specifically the "Rainbow Squadron" album).

TSF readers had a few ideas of their own.

Diane suggests Sleater-Kinney from Olympia.

Katt said her "number one music rec is always Brandi Carlile, even when the topic isn't 'Northwest sound.' She is so incredibly talented and is definitely a PNW'r through and through."

Katt further recommends Blind Pilot.

While he says it might be too "obvious" to mention, Elliott says Jimi Hendrix is a must stop on a tour through Seattle music, noting "'Voodoo Child (Slight Return)' is a fine place to start, or end, or simply sit there in the midst of it, wondering how in God’s name he did it."

Sir Mix-A-Lot is the go-to recommendation from Alex, who says he is the "king," and "a kingmaker through his production of others' albums." (I would like to add that anyone wanting a decent layout of central Seattle should listen to "Posse on Broadway").

Jen is leaning in to soul and funk with recommendations for True Loves and Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio.

Luke recommends the Blue Scholars, specifically the song "Joe Metro."

Recommendations can be hard. I could go on and on (Dandy Warhols, Tight Bros from Way Back When, Supersuckers). Any important artists from Northwest music, now and then, that you feel was missed? Send along your recommendation to

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