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1 doctor, 2 million patients: Mental health care in Africa

caption: Left to right: Dr. Vasco Cumbe and Dr. Brad Wagenaar
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Left to right: Dr. Vasco Cumbe and Dr. Brad Wagenaar
Sonya Harris

The United States struggles to create a viable system of mental health care. Imagine what it might be like to do the same in less affluent countries.

Across that divide, mental health professionals benefit from an exchange of best practices.

In this event, we hear from Dr. Vasco Cumbe with the Mozambique Ministry of Health and Dr. Brad Wagenaar from Health Alliance International and the University of Washington Department of Global Health. They work together to create better systems to screen for and treat mental health disorders.

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This episode of Speakers Forum is part of KUOW’s ongoing partnership with the Pacific Science Center in their "Science in the City" series.

Cumbe and Wagenaar gave this talk at The PACCAR IMAX Theater on September 10. KUOW’s Sonya Harris recorded the event.

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