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Re: Building Democracy explores ways to mend our political, social, and cultural divides

caption: Eastern Washington scene
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Eastern Washington scene
Courtesy of Shelley Pauls of Unsplash

In this episode of the Re: Building Democracy series, we head over the pass again to Central and Eastern Washington to hear more about the ways Washingtonians are bridging civic, class, and cultural divides.

You’ll hear from Washington State University Professor Jennifer Sherman on class blindness and the myth of the classless society. She’s the author of Dividing Paradise: Rural Inequality and the Diminishing American Dream.

Spokesman-Review columnist Sue Lani Madsen sheds light on how conservatives and liberals can build and maintain connection and conversation.

Ginny Darrell of the Spokane-based non-profit, nonpartisan coalition People for Effective Government talks about her experience of bringing people together to talk and listen to each other over divides.

Ellensburg Mayor Bruce Tabb discusses how he looks for ways to build community and bring it to the center.

Northwest Public Broadcasting’s Connor Henricksen produced and hosted this episode of the Re: Building Democracy series, a collaboration between Humanities Washington, KUOW, Spokane Public Radio, and Northwest Public Broadcasting. NWPB reporters Sueann Ramella and Scott Leadingham interviewed the guests.

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