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caption: Attack ads against Kim Schrier and Dino Rossi.
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Attack ads against Kim Schrier and Dino Rossi.

Spooky campaign ads! Can’t we get rid of them?

It's Halloween, but the truly scary day is just around the corner. That’s right, Election Day!

Campaigns are spending record amounts of money on ads that border on the ghoulish. The midterms are on track to be the most expensive congressional elections in history and may hit $5 billion -- the Kim Schrier-Dino Rossi race in Washington's 8th Congressional District is the costliest House campaign in state history.  

In this special Halloween edition of SoundQs we’ll look at what can be done to get money out of politics (spoiler alert: not much) and how campaign spending can be made more transparent, so voters will be better informed about who’s lurking behind those political ads. 

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