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Seattle Kraken mascot 'Buoy' makes big debut on the ice

The Seattle Kraken's new mascot was revealed Friday. Over the weekend, Buoy the sea troll did not let online criticism go unanswered.

Buoy is a 6-foot-tall sea troll who made its debut descending onto the ice from the arena's rafters during Friday's game. The team drew inspiration from Seattle's famous Fremont Troll.

Almost as soon as the Kraken unveiled Buoy, it began drawing out trolls of another kind — online critics. Whoever is at the helm of the Kraken's PR has opted not to be silent as Buoy addressed such criticism directly.

According to the mascot's NHL profile page, Buoy is a sea troll (previously more known among the Dungeons & Dragons crowd) who "lives in the caverns of Climate Pledge Arena." Also, "Legend has it Buoy once jammed with Mudhoney at The Crocodile." It is unknown what instrument the troll played.

Seattle's Fremont Troll is said to be Buoy's uncle.

According to the Seattle Kraken, Buoy is the result of 18 months of development. The troll features flowing hair and a removable tooth.

“We are proud to introduce Buoy and mark another milestone moment for the Seattle Kraken,” said Kraken Chief Marketing Officer Katie Townsend, in a statement. “We are rooted in the local community and everything we do is inspired by the wonderful place we live. Buoy was inspired by the Fremont Troll and is a big fan of the Seattle music scene!”

The Kraken sought the help of Chicago Mascot Company and 3PT Production to craft the team's new mascot.

“Over the last two years we worked to develop Buoy’s unique identity that captured the look and feel of the Kraken brand while being kid friendly and approachable,” said Lamont Buford, vice president of entertainment experience and production of the Kraken, in a statement. “Buoy’s hair is a nod to hockey flow and the waves of Puget Sound. You’ll notice there is a removable tooth just like a hockey player, an anchor earring for our secondary mark and then a mysterious tentacle indicating an encounter with the Kraken. Buoy is so much fun and I look forward to everyone meeting the newest member of our team.”

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