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Seattle city hall
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Credit: Flickr Photo/Daniel X. O'Neil (CC-BY-NC-ND)/

Seattle resolution condemns harassment against elected officials and political candidates

Attacks on elected officials and people running for office won’t be tolerated. That’s the message behind a Seattle City Council resolution passed this week. The measure follows recent local incidents in which people of color were targeted.

Carey Anderson, a Black pastor running for an open House seat in the 30th Legislative District, was among them. Last month he was shot at with a BB gun while placing campaign signs in Auburn.

“I never thought that I would be shot at by doing public service and trying to make a difference,” Anderson said.

According to the police report, the suspect was a white man in his 20s.

In July, police arrested a man with a gun for allegedly standing outside the home of U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal while yelling obscenities. He has since been charged with felony stalking.

“We send a message today with this resolution that racist, sexist attacks, or threatening one’s family or children is unacceptable,” said Council member Teresa Mosqueda, who sponsored the resolution.

According to a 2021 National League of Cities survey, 81% of elected local officials of all races and genders have experienced harassment, threats and violence.

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