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Seattle women brought it with these sassy protest signs

Editor's note: Some protest signs may be a little too, er, brazen for some.

“There will be hell toupée.”

“Hell yes, we’re ovary-reacting.”

“Golden rule not golden showers.”

Those were just three messages on homemade posters at the Seattle womxn’s march on Saturday, one day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump. The march stretched 3.6 miles, from Judkins Park to Seattle Center, and the crowd stretched the entire duration of the route.

Huge crowd for women's march buries route through Seattle

“We have to fight hate with humor,” said Mickie Nowinski, whose sign read, “Tiny hands, huuuge asshole.”

While many of the signs were decidedly more sober calls to action, many were punny. And then some admitted they had no words – “UGH!” read one sign; “I don’t even know where to begin,” read another.

There were signs that connected Trump to Putin and Russia (“Congratulations Comrade Trump”), but most of the punny ones focused on how he looks — skin tone, notoriously small hands, hair — and personality.

Some of these signs were works of art, and most had some amount of glitter. And they were a hit. People took photos of funny signs and made conversation with people holding them.

To be fair, there were many hilarious signs that we didn’t photograph. For example, there was one about a cheetah (or maybe a Cheeto?) that had everyone in stitches, but we unfortunately missed the sign and couldn’t quite hear what it said because a giant puppet got in the way. (Those puppets! They're for another story.)

This story was published originally on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017.

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