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Credit: Forterra

Ampersand Live: Stories for the Northwest proud

Residents of the Pacific Northwest are known to demonstrate a certain pride of place. 

We value living amidst mountains and waterways, natural landscapes and an emerald city here and there. But we live in times when those attributes are threatened. Our very presence here is a threat.

The conservation organization Forterra is dedicated to envisioning and realizing a sustainable template for life in the Northwest. Every year now their magazine, Ampersand, puts on an event featuring local storytellers, artists and musicians. If you’re looking for meaningful, sometimes challenging reflections on what life is and can be here, Ampersand Live is the ticket.

KUOW’s Sonya Harris recorded Ampersand Live 2018 at the Moore Theatre on October 25.

Participants in the full event include:

Jéhan Òsanyìn | emcee, theater artist, storyteller and outdoor educator

The Westerlies | brass quartet

Tomo Nakayama | singer + songwriter

Stephen Matera | photographer

Donna Miscolta | writer     

Tom Banse | journalist

Gene Duvernoy | Earth Day Northwest 2020

Michelle Connor | Forterra President & CEO

Emily Hagen | architect


C. Davida Ingram | artist

Howie Echo-Hawk | comedian

Zoe Scofield | dancer + choreographer with Kevin Barrans on vocals

David Moskowitz | wildlife photographer

Drew Christie | illustrator

Azura Tyabji | poet

Listen to the full version below

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