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This Thanksgiving dinner needs 100 turkeys

Seattle's Outdoor Meal Site feeds hundreds of unsheltered people every day. This week they're rushing to make Thanksgiving dinner for thousands.

Beverly Graham is trying to find 100 whole turkeys.

"And 200 pies," she said, "Costco pies, not little pies, you know the Costco sized pie. Big Pie."

Graham runs Operation Sack Lunch that serves hot meals to people experiencing homelessness beneath Interstate 5 in downtown Seattle.

Each year they host a big Thanksgiving dinner. Last year they ate two pallets of those Costco pies.

"A holiday meal is always bigger than the regular meals, right? Because we want people to feel that they are included in the rest of the world," Graham said.

She said this week they're pressed to get all the food ready in time.

"It's full hands on deck. It's a really big deal because there's so much that happens," she said.

Graham said they expect this year to be their biggest Thanksgiving yet, with over 3,000 meals.