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Elizabeth Warren draws thousands in Seattle, her biggest campaign event yet

Thousands packed the Seattle Center on Sunday to hear Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren.

Demand was so high to see the Massachusetts senator that the campaign changed the venue to the park beneath the Space Needle.

The center was filled with supporters like Dan Phillips, a small business owner from Bellevue.

"She has the fire and she's been my hero since long before she even got into the Senate," Phillips said, "so I'm full-on for Elizabeth Warren."

Mari Santos said that what she likes about Warren has become a campaign slogan: Warren seems to have a plan for everything.

"She's Mrs. Plans. And I love that. That is so great," Santos said. "She nailed everything down, without making it not boring, without being monotone. She kept the crowd hyped up the entire time."

Her campaign said Sunday's event was Warren's biggest so far.

Onstage Warren called for big, structural changes in Washington, D.C., saying the system now only benefits big banks and:

"Oil companies that want to drill everywhere, just not for the rest of us who see climate change bearing down upon us," Warren said.

Warren found time to send out a special thanks.

“This entire country owes Governor Jay Inslee a big debt of gratitude," Warren said. "He has pushed the issue of climate change onto this debate stage and we need to thank him for that.”

Asked if she’s talked to Inslee, Warren said, "I have." She called it a "good conversation.”

There's been speculation that if a Democrat wins the presidency, Inslee might be a possible cabinet pick to run an agency like the Environmental Protection Agency.

Last week, Inslee said he would seek re-election as governor and that he wouldn't take a cabinet job.

Correction, 11:45 a.m., 8/26/2019: A previous version of this story misstated the question that Elizabeth Warren was asked about a conversation with Gov. Jay Inslee. The question did not mention a possible cabinet job.

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