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caption: Seattle Public Library's main branch.
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Seattle Public Library's main branch.

Will you vote in support of “the people’s university”?

Libraries are free to enter, but definitely not free to run. Anti-crime (and anti-privacy) toilets. A photographer with brain cancer who takes photos of the end of life. And hydroplanes hit the lake again.

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Library levy 2019

Tuesday’s ballot brings a choice: to vote yes or no on Seattle’s seven year, $219M library levy? The city council is unanimously in favor; Marcie Sillman spoke to Jay Reich, president of the Board of Seattle Public Libraries.

The Portland loo

Public bathrooms can be critical pieces of city infrastructure. They’re also a hotbed for drug use and vandalism, depending on who you ask. Echo Lake Park’s solution is to install “anti-crime” toilets, called the Portland Loo. Carol McCreary is program manager at the public hygiene advocacy group PHLUSH.

Photographing death

Seattle photographer Caroline Catlin volunteers taking portraits of the last moments of dying adults, and critically ill children. She uses the work as a way to cope with her own incurable brain cancer. Her recent New York Times piece is “What I Learned Photographing Death.”

Seafair 2019

It’s that time of year again – this weekend, the Blue Angels will come screaming over Lake Washington to mark the 2019 Seafair weekend. Where did the festival come from? And, at nearly 70: how is it aging? We asked Crosscut’s Knute Berger.

Post-viaduct vistas

How’s the view on the waterfront these days? With the Viaduct down, business owners and local residents bask in the light. KUOW’s Joshua McNichols has the story.

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