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WSU removing Covid vaccine requirement for most students

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Washington State University will nix its Covid-19 vaccine requirement for most students.

The new Covid vaccine policy will go into effect over the summer quarter. According to Joel Schwartzkopf, who oversees Cougar Health Services, the move is prompted by changes to pandemic conditions.

“Requiring the Covid‑19 vaccine for students was essential during the peak of the pandemic to help protect the health of our communities across the state,” Schwartzkopf said in a statement. “Our understanding of the virus and the tactics to combat it are evolving and we continue to follow the best available evidence from local, state, and national public health authorities, just as we have done throughout the pandemic.”

WSU also says that the majority of its students are following vaccine recommendations anyway.

While the rest of the university will have the vaccine policy change, the Covid vaccine requirement will stay in place for WSU Health Sciences students.

According to the university:

"WSU continues to recommend that all members of the university community get vaccinated against COVID‑19 and stay up-to-date on their boosters in keeping with recommendations from CDC. The university also encourages individuals to take appropriate precautions if they are feeling ill, such as wearing tight-fitting masks and staying home when sick."

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