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KUOW's 'Today So Far' newsletter breaks down the most important local news of the day

November 16, 2020

Seattle, WA – Today, KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio launched a new daily newsletter, Today So Far. Every weekday, Today So Far will bring readers a quick, insightful breakdown of the most important local news of the day, plus a few recommended stories from KUOW and other outlets.

In launching Today So Far, we're hoping to offer busy community members an easy way to stay on top of local news, especially in this fast-paced news environment. KUOW Web Editor and Producer Dyer Oxley and Managing Editor Isolde Raftery will lead Today So Far, along with support from other KUOW journalists. The newsletter is designed by Teo Popescu.

Today So Far joins KUOW's growing portfolio of free newsletters including Best of KUOW, our weekly roundup of recommended web stories, KUOW Elections, a weekly update on local politics from reporter David Hyde, and KUOW Conversations, which breaks down important community conversations with KUOW Community Engagement Director Zaki Hamid. You can subscribe to any and all of KUOW's free newsletters, including Today So Far, at

Check out a preview of today's newsletter and subscribe to Today So Far for free at