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Amazon makes move to disrupt the health care industry

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Late last month, Amazon closed a $3.9 billion deal to acquire One Medical, a membership-based primary care practice. The provider, which was founded in 2007, leans heavily on technology for care, using things like telehealth visits and apps for scheduling appointments.

The acquisition is a big step for Amazon but not a surprising one.

Since taking over from founder Jeff Bezos in 2021, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has made it clear that he sees the health care industry as a major area for expansion.

Soundside host Libby Denkmann talked to CNBC technology reporter Annie Palmer about the acquisition, and what it says about how big tech companies like Amazon and Google are trying to disrupt the health care industry.

And later, we'll hear from Dr. Thomas Payne, a professor of medicine and biomedical informatics at the University of Washington's School of Medicine, about the concerns surrounding how these tech companies use and sell consumer health data.

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