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Sound it out: messages from listeners

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At its core, Soundside is about connecting with our listeners and bringing you stories you care about and that impact those of us living here in the Pacific Northwest.

Each week we ask for your thoughts about our stories -- where they've succeeded and where they can improve. Here's what you told us.

Thank you to everyone who reached out to the show with thoughts, questions and suggestions. We truly appreciate hearing from you.

If you would like to join the conversation, send us a message by going to our homepage.

We also want to round up some of the stories that have received the most feedback in recent weeks, in case you missed them.

Last week we heard about Sound Transit and vertical conveyance -- i.e. escalators and elevators. These conveyances are frequently broken, making public transit less and less accessible. So what's being done to keep things running?

Read the article, and listen to the conversation here or below.

Soundside 20220602 Lightrailescalators

Soundside talks to Sound Transit and disability advocates about how out of service elevators and escalators impact daily ridership on the Light Rail.

We revisited our conversation on whether college is still worth it, and which pathways our segment might have left out.

Read the article, and listen to the conversation here or below.

Soundside 20220531 Iscollegeworthit

High schoolers across the state are gearing up for the ceremonial walk across stage - the hand shake, the diploma, throwing their little hat into the air. And these grads are prepping for the numerous times they’ll be asked “so what are you doing next?”

We talked in more depth about our language choices reporting on a potential decision from the Supreme Court on Roe V. Wade.

Read the article, and listen to the conversation here or below.

Soundside 20220504 Full Show

A draft opinion published late Monday by Politico indicates the Supreme Court is likely to strike down Roe v Wade in the near future. That's the landmark 1973 ruling that guarantees federal protection of abortion rights across the United States. We're dedicating the hour to talking about the implications of the fall of Roe in the Pacific Northwest. And how local supporters of abortion rights are responding.

Thank you to everyone that reached out to us with your thoughts, recommendations, and ways we can improve.

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