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WILD BITES: How can arctic squirrels help us get to Mars?

caption: Arctic ground squirrels can hibernate for up to eight months of the year.
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Arctic ground squirrels can hibernate for up to eight months of the year.
Lesa Hollen

Elon Musk is the billionaire founder of SpaceX and has a grand vision. His sights are set on Mars. He wants to see a million people living there by 2050.

Now you might wonder why a podcast about ecology is doing a show on space travel. Well, the journey on a spaceship out to the red planet is long and could take months, if not years. One idea to make that ride a bit more bearable and efficient is the use of hibernation: Sleep your way to Mars or beyond. You’ve seen it in sci-fi movies before.

Well, that idea may not be as far out there as it seems. There’s a wild animal and a team of researchers that might hold the clue to making it a reality. On this WILD BITE, how can an arctic ground squirrel help get us to Mars?

caption: Two Arctic ground squirrels
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Two Arctic ground squirrels
Dr. Rhiannan Williams

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