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This site is a retrospective of RadioActive Youth Media. The program ended on April 30, 2024. This page is meant to be an information resource for our partners and donors. KUOW remains committed to supporting youth voices and community engagement initiatives through other programs at the station, and we are deeply thankful to everyone who supported RadioActive in the past. For details on the sunsetting of KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media program, please see this statement.

RadioActive Youth Media is where young people discover public radio journalism and gain access to the skills, community, and institutional resources that spur their growth as media makers. Through their stories, listeners of all ages gain a deeper understanding of young people whose voices are rarely heard by the greater public.

Latest Episodes

Hear stories created by RadioActive youth producers about the people and issues that matter to young people in the Northwest. Subscribe to get our latest audio pieces delivered directly to you.

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  • caption: SoundBites: Audio Storytelling Activities for teens

    SoundBites: Self-Guided Audio Storytelling Activities

    Looking to build your audio storytelling skills? Here's 12 bite-sized audio storytelling activities for teens and pre-teens. These self-directed activities take about 30 minutes to complete, and can be done in any order either alone or with a partner.

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Meet the 2023 Youth Producers

KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media is proud to offer the Intro to Radio Journalism Workshop each summer, and the Advanced Producers Workshop each spring. In both workshops, youth get learn about radio journalism and audio storytelling, and make audio stories that are published on the RadioActive podcast and 94.9 FM.

caption: The summer 2023 class of RadioActive Youth Media.
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The summer 2023 class of RadioActive Youth Media.
KUOW Photo/Lila Lakehart

Meet the Producers