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RadioActive Youth Media is where young people discover public radio journalism and gain access to the skills, community and institutional resources that spur their growth as media makers. Through their stories, listeners of all ages gain a deeper understanding of young people whose voices are rarely heard by the greater public.

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  • RadioActive Advanced Producers pose for a group photo in front of the RadioActive Youth Media logo on May 5, 2019.

    That’s a wrap! RadioActive’s 2019 podcast season

    In 2019 RadioActive Youth Media worked with about 750 teens and tweens through our Intro, Advanced, and Community workshop programs. These young people produced 23 full-length feature radio stories, along with dozens of short radio stories and podcasts. Young people's voices and perspectives are not heard enough in the media - that's why RadioActive exists. Missed some of this year's incredible feature stories? Give them all a listen here.

  • A wedding ceremony at Eritrean Kidisti Selassie, an Eritrean Catholic church in Seattle. During a wedding, Eritreans from across the United States come to pray together and wish the couple good blessings.

    How faith defines a family — and in my case, divides it

    When my dad immigrated to Seattle from Eritrea, the Eritrean Catholic church became his new community. He goes to mass every Sunday. There, he sings in Tigrinya, his native tongue, and prays to God. As a first generation Eritrean American, I feel the duty to keep our traditions, language and culture alive. But the church has never completely felt like my own. And my brother no longer attends church. How can I protect my community while staying true to myself? And how can my brother and father bridge this gap between them?

  • Ritika Managuli is a 16-year-old, first-generation Indian American caught between two cultures. Her parents would like for her to have an arranged marriage in the future, but she isn't sure.

    My mom wants me to have an arranged marriage. But I'm not sure

    In India, 90% of people have arranged marriages. That might feel odd to those of us who grew up in the United States, like me. I’m a 16-year-old, first-generation Indian American, and I feel caught between two traditions when it comes to love. Will I choose my own path, or go down the traditional arranged marriage route like my mother?

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RadioActive is proud to offer award-winning youth journalism and radio storytelling workshops throughout the year. Our approach is to provide interactive, collaborative workshops where participants learn the technical, social and emotional skills needed to amplify the stories that matter to them.

Our philosophy is that youth voices are powerful and not heard often enough.

Participants learn about journalism, audio recording, audio editing, interviewing, script writing and speaking on the air. They work with professional journalists at KUOW. They gain confidence and leadership skills in a supportive environment while collaborating with other participants to make radio stories and episodes for the RadioActive podcast on topics they choose. There is no experience necessary, and participants are paid for successfully completing the program.

Through our community workshops, RadioActive serves nearly 900 young people a year at more that 25 schools and community organizations. In these short-term programs, youth discover public radio journalism, learn basic radio storytelling skills, and share their voice.

We prioritize working with communities without ready access to media platforms and/or who are underserved by high quality arts programs.

  • RadioActive Youth Media mentor Kyle Norris coaches two teens as they practice interviewing at a RadioActive weekend Pop-Up Workshop in Richland, Washington on November 17, 2019.

    Pop-Up Workshop: Yakima, WA

    Do you have a story to tell? Spend a weekend with professional public radio journalists and make a radio story from start to finish. You’ll learn how to use audio recording gear, conduct interviews, write a script, edit audio, and speak on air. This FREE two-day workshop is for teens ages 16-18 in the Yakima area. No experience necessary. Click the Apply Now button below for more information and to apply by February 9, 2020.

    When: Feb 22, 2020 Where: Yakima Valley Technical Skills Center (1120 S. 18th Street Yakima, WA 98901) Apply By: Feb 09, 2020 Apply Now
  • Morgen White and Ritika Managuli pose while collecting ambient sound at Pike Place Market for an interviewing exercise during the 2019 Intro to Radio Journalism Workshop.

    Intro to Radio Journalism Workshop: Summer 2020

    In this fun, challenging, and hands-on seven-week workshop you'll learn technical and storytelling skills, build your confidence, and work with others while creating radio stories and podcasts for KUOW about the topics you care about.

    This is a PAID opportunity open to 15-18 year olds. This workshop is the entry point to RadioActive's advanced producer program, a year-round opportunity to collaborate on youth-led radio productions.

    The early application deadline is Tuesday, March 10. The final application deadline is Tuesday, May 5. Apply early for your best chance!

    When: Jun 29, 2020 Where: KUOW (4518 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105) Apply By: May 05, 2020 Apply Now

Meet the Current Youth Producers

KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media is proud to offer our summer journalism workshop. Sixteen teens, aged 15-18, will spend six weeks learning what it means to be a journalist.

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